What Every B2B Marketer Should Know

What Every B2B Marketer Should Know. The word is out: B2B marketing is not exhausting. Companies are utilizing traditional consumer-driven techniques to launch dynamic campaigns that attract new prospects, maintain leads, and acquire long-term consumers.

However, having completed the first quarter of 2014, have you progressed beyond the conceptualization stage? Their chances: Make a move and stay ahead of your competitors. Here are B2B market strategies that are achieving progress, and the numbers are falling, indicating that it is more than a trend:

Responsive web design

Not just a responsive web design. It ensures that all visitors see your entire site, regardless of the device used, without the annoying scrolling and resizing associated with a non-responsive site. Not convinced? Here are several different reasons:

61% of people have a better perception of brands when they provide outstanding mobile knowledge (Smart Insights).

According to Pew Internet, 34% of internet users primarily use their phones to access the internet rather than a desktop or laptop computer.

Content marketing

Substance marketing incorporates a wide range of methods, including SEO, online networking, blogging, and email marketing. What is important is to focus on the methodology that works best for your target audience. Assuming your industry isn’t hip enough for substance. Perhaps these figures will sway your opinion:

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B advertisers employ substance marketing.

Substance marketing costs 62% more than traditional marketing and generates around three times the number of leads.


If no one can find your website, it is of little value. However, rather than viewing SEO solely as a query output positioning tool, consider it a lead qualifier. As B2B advertisers, we understand that your business has intricacies that set you apart from your competitors.