6 Web Design Trends We Can Expect to See More Frequently in the Future

Who can forget the GIFs from the 1990s or the contemporary focus on a flat screen that web design Dubai brought to us? In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the adoption of responsive web design trends. Aside from that, more sites are joining the effort to become mobile-ready, particularly now that Google is providing a mobile-friendly update to its customers.

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The days of overflowing pages with information are over. Companies are phasing them out to prioritize a greater emphasis on user interface simplicity. Thus, in honor of returning to the basics, here are the six web design trends you can expect to see in the future.

Ghost Button and Line Icons

With the release of Apple iOS 7, there has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of ghost buttons and iconography. Ghost buttons are transparent buttons that are delineated with a faint line. It enables the creation of a simple style that makes the buttons and symbols appear lighter while also supporting the vivid graphics and images. They have also become fundamental to the flat interface style, which has gained popularity in recent years.

A No-Header Background Image

In recent years, marketers have opted for large, personalized imagery in the field of advertising. Images appear to have a maximum width and run along the border of the page and browser, similar to what we see in magazines. Designs with print-based features will continue to be popular in online design, but expect fewer images and a simpler campaign area. It allows typography to take the lead and then removes any visual distractions directly from the message.

Material Design.

Material design is a web design movement that represents the evolution of flat designs. A common method in user interface design emphasizes the use of minimal color, clean lines, and typography.

Interactive infographics.

Users are more interested in joining web interactions and data, which makes browsing the web more enjoyable. Users find it more intriguing because, rather than a static image, they can navigate via infographics.


Microinteractions provide a superior user experience and detail-oriented web design. Users are more likely to notice a subtle interaction on a certain website. Small animations captivate users and make the overall material more appealing.

A full-screen video.

While minimalism remains trendy and popular, full-screen videos and backgrounds continue to dominate. It can process and remember visual images, so all it takes is a fast hook.

As web design trends get more advanced, it will be interesting to see how Dubai Web Designing Company interprets them in the next few years.